Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Top Tips for A Healthy Body

Don’t dwell on the past or future – continuously thinking about past events does not allow you as a person to progress and grow. By all means you should process and accept what has happened and in turn learn from them, but then move forward. The same goes for the future, it is important to have plans and goals, but excessive worry about events that have not yet happened will not allow you to fully achieve what you wish.

Meditate – Taking time out every day or even every week to meditate, quietly think about events or if experienced in meditating think of very little. There are many cd’s and books that assist with how to meditate.

Embrace family – Your family is your support network, although you may not always think that they are doing the right things or giving the best advice, generally they have your best interests at heart. Allowing them in; or turning to them when you are in times of need will give you added support and not have you be alone in times of need.

Confront emotion – Bottling up emotions is a habit that many have, in the short term it may appear to be a wise thing to do. However over an extended amount of time, these pent up emotions fester within, you need to let them out when they occur whether they are happy, sad or angry emotions.

Reduce stress – Stress is a major factor in ill health, everyone should try to reduce their stress levels. Again, there are many books on the subject of reducing stress, a good starting point is to identify when you get stressed and resolve the matter then to avoid future episodes.

Avoid alcohol – Alcohol is a contributor to stress, as well as a toxin within your body. There are various medical reports stating that a certain amount is good for various ailments or to prevent certain illnesses. However, a healthy moderate intake is advised.
Protect from the sun – The sun is aging, it can cause medical problems and while having a daily dose of vitamin d is a good thing, over exposure is not. So cover up, put on sun cream and protect your eyes.

Drink water – Your body is made up of majority water and on a daily basis you lose some of this water, therefore it is vital that you rehydrate your body with water, both in pure form and from fruits and vegetables.

Dental check ups – When something in your mouth goes wrong, such as having a bad tooth, it really can affect your whole mood. A great way to combat this is to have regular dental check-ups.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Why lose weight?

At some time in most people’s lives they may wish to lose weight, this may be a small amount like a few pounds or could be a much more sizable amount. The desire to lose weight can be for many different reasons and if the reason is valid then finding the right way is essential.

Before embarking on losing weight you should first consult a doctor to ensure that there is a need, rather than you just needing to tone up a little or even put some weight on. It may be that there is a medical reason for your size so this needs to be ruled out of the equation.

If it has been agreed that weight needs to be lost then the next question is to figure out why, is it that not enough exercise has been done, that too much food is being eaten, or a happy medium of the two.

Not enough exercise

One of the key issues with weight control is not doing enough exercise; this does not mean that you have to embark on a vigorous exercise regime. The exercise can consist of any form of movement for around 20 to 30 minutes every other day. Easy examples to ease yourself in can include walking, whether it is getting off the bus a stop earlier or parking your car a little further away from your destination to have a brisk walk. Once you have got on the right track to fitness you can pick up the pace a little by including some aerobic exercise and strength training. By increasing your movement you should notice a change in your body shape over time.


The other key factor is to keep an eye on your food consumption. It may be that you have a healthy eating habit but that you are simply eating too much. In which case you need to manage your food portions to ensure you are not over eating. You may think that you are not actually eating that much, you may have only one main meal a day; however this also can have an effect on your weight. By not having regular meals you tend to over eat when you do; the quality may also be lacking within the one meal, consisting of high fat food or not enough nutrients from fruit or vegetables.

Why loose weight?

Not having an ideal weight for you can cause a number of problems that range from feeling tired and sluggish, being more prone to colds or can lead to more serious health problems. You may find it is the smaller things such as not being able to fit into your favourite jeans or get down on the floor easily to play with the little ones. Whatever your motivations and reasons are for wanting to keep fit and healthy it need not be a hard task. The sooner you start the sooner you will see and feel the differences.