Wednesday, 6 October 2010

How to keep mentally alert

Does your mind tend to wonder from time to time? Do you forget what you were doing or why you went into that room of your house? There are many reasons as to why you may not seem to be as ‘with it’ than normal and many of them have little cause for concern.

When you are feeling a dip in your day there are some small techniques you can use to help keep you mentally alert.

When able take a power nap, having a half hour to hour nap in the day can help improve your concentration levels. Thus making you more productive than you would be if you had kept going through the day.

To prevent the need for power naps it is vital to make sure that you get adequate sleep in the night. Giving your body the right amount of sleep helps to restore your body and refresh you. A rested body includes a rested mind.

On a daily basis you should stimulate your mind, this can be in the form of small activities, mind games and most importantly socialisation. Interacting with other people is a key tool to keeping your mind alert, you require the communication to provide stimulation.

Exercise provides a release of chemicals to your brain and gives you a general feel good vibe, a little everyday will give you a great boost.

If all else fails and you feel that none of these work or your mind is more than just not alert, take a trip to the doctors to check yourself out for underlying conditions. Chances are however, you are like most and just a little forgetful and distracted.

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