Monday, 4 October 2010

More than 3 meals a day

It has been a long standing tradition that every person should have three meals in every day, breakfast, lunch and dinner; while this is true there should be those three meals in a day, there should also be many smaller snacks.

The idea of having larger meals spaced out throughout the day is relatively new; traditionally the larger meals would start at the first meal followed by a smaller lunch to keep you going until a larger meal at the end of the day. Recently however, many experts have found that the best way to retain your size or lose weight is to in fact have up to five smaller meals throughout the day. This gives your body a chance to digest, not register as being completely full and in turn assists with losing weight.

Many people tend to think that by skipping a meal you are more likely to drop a few pounds, when in fact it is practises like these that help you gain those added pounds. When you starve your body of nutrients that it needs, it then goes into overdrive and you will find it harder to put good food and only good food back into your body. A person who is hungry is more likely to have a treat based snack to fill a gap, especially if out and about as many of the convenience foods to not tend to be on the healthier side. It is then that you are packing your body full of sugars, processed foods and fats that you could well do without. By having more than three meals a day, raising it to five eating three smaller meals and two sensible sized snacks, it helps your body stay regulated.

When considering the five meal option it is only necessary to reduce your main meal sized by a small amount and then replace this with the smaller snacks which could include fruit, nuts or vegetables.

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